Understanding Your Business Travel Program

Fox World Travel understands the many intricacies of managing a business travel program and we’re here to help you succeed. Our tools and resources give you a comprehensive overview of your program, and our business travel experts work with you to provide the information and insights to benefit your organization.

Tools for business travel reporting

We know it’s time consuming and labor intensive to gather the information needed to get an overall view of your business travel program. Yet, you’re likely asked to report out on the volume of your travel spend, how much you’ve saved and how your organization’s travel spend compares year over year. If you’re not working with a corporate travel management company like Fox World Travel, gathering this business intelligence may be difficult.

We have a variety of tools that capture and report this data in simple-to-use formats that will give you the information you need to continually analyze your business travel program. This extensive amount of data is sure to answer any questions posed by your CEO, CFO or leadership team. And when you need assistance digging into your data, our analysts can help you uncover the information you need.

Besides showing total expenses and savings, our tools have the ability to:

  • Benchmark your corporate travel management program against others of like size and budget.
  • Give you real-time data so that you don’t have to wait to get the information you need.
  • Provide information on current, unused and expired tickets.
  • Give insight on airline ticketing performance trends specifically for your organization.
  • Track performance of your preferred supplier programs.

Learn more about business travel reporting.

Our business travel experts are here to help

Our client solutions team will help you through every step of your managed travel program. We begin every new relationship with onboarding during which we implement your program. You then will have a business travel client solutions manager who will get to know your organization and its goals and regularly meet with you to review your travel program’s business plan. We also offer travel manager education to help you better understand the tools and to keep up with industry trends.

Our business travel experts will enhance your travel program by negotiating air, car and hotel rates; providing advice on the best payment methods, helping develop your travel, safety and security policy and, if you work for a multi-national corporation, helping manage your global traveler network. Learn more about our consulting services.

Corporate travel manager resources and events

Fox World Travel holds events and education days to help you stay up to date about trends that may affect your business travel program. We also have a number of resources and guides to help you develop a well-managed program.  Check out our travel program resources and events page to learn more.

We’d like to be your partner

If you are looking to better understand your travel program or would like to start a managed travel program, call us at 920.236.8000 or 888.369.8785.