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Vivian Maxwell Smith, CCTE
Global Sales Director



Vivian Maxwell Smith, CCTE, is a seasoned business travel professional who thrives on establishing solid, consultative relationships with colleagues, clients, prospects, suppliers, and anyone who wants to talk travel. Her primary objective is building and maintaining a robust network within the corporate travel industry while developing long-term partnerships with those she connects with. Vivian is deeply passionate about supporting and driving integrity and human equity in the business travel industry.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Vivian is an avid competitive sailor, finding great reward and value in spending substantial time navigating the waters with her crewmates. The ever-changing conditions and racing adrenaline provide a fun yet challenging environment, and the skills required to build a winning sailing team have naturally translated into her career, where teamwork is of utmost importance.

Throughout her career, Vivian has collaborated with numerous organizations, delivering innovative, custom solutions that have consistently achieved regional and global goals. Her team includes a vast group of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who possess comprehensive expertise and offer guidance on all aspects of travel management. Together, their combined strengths, expertise, products, and solutions form a first-rate formula for program success.

In recognition of her outstanding volunteer service on committees and elected positions, Vivian was selected as the “Member of the Year” by the Chicago Business Travel Association (GBTA Chicago) in 2010. She remains actively involved in these activities, continually contributing her time and expertise. Vivian has also earned the esteemed CCTE (Certified Corporate Travel Executive) certification from the University of Houston.

Vivian’s educational background includes attending Missouri Western University and Platt College. These academic experiences, coupled with her extensive industry knowledge and practical expertise, have equipped her with a well-rounded skill set to tackle the challenges of the ever-evolving business travel landscape.

With her passion for building relationships, commitment to integrity, and wealth of experience, Vivian Maxwell Smith, CCTE, brings a unique and invaluable perspective to the business travel industry. Her dedication to excellence and continuous improvement makes her a trusted partner for organizations seeking to navigate the complexities of corporate travel while achieving their strategic objectives.

“Just as navigating the waters with my crewmates brings me great reward and value in competitive sailing, I understand that teamwork is paramount in achieving success in my career.”


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