Summary of GBTA Day One Presentations

With GBTA in full swing, Beth Marino and James Keller gave their presentation at the Fox World Travel booth. In case you missed it or wanted to know what they presented on, we created a summary of both presentations.

Beth Marino – The Impact of Travel Disruption

  • Travel disruption is any deviation from the plan for a trip
    • Examples of this include flight delays, cancellations, diversions, traffic, etc.
  • Flight disruption is the most common travel disruption and is very expensive
    • Costs range from $25 – $35 billion annually!
  • Flight delays are caused by many reasons
    • Weather is only accountable for around 1/3 of delays
    • About half are caused by airlines
      • How airlines respond to this is important
  • Delays and cancellations are decreasing
    • 18% in 2014 to 16% (3 million delays) in 2017
  • Seats are being filled
    • This leads to less room to make adjustments for delays and cancellations
    • Ex. horror stories of people waiting in airports for days for a flight
  • Reactive solutions to these delays
    • Doesn’t help all of the people sitting there waiting
    • A lot of these delays could have been solved beforehand
  • Proactive solutions
    • Passengers benefit from not having to wait & knowing what is going on
    • Airlines benefit from less negative press, schedules stay on track and less emergencies to handle
    • TMCs benefit from being the “go to” resource for business travelers
  • How Fox proactively operates
    • Ability to increase staff based on demand
    • MyFoxWorld App delivers notifications
      • Waiver data in their hands
    • Predictive analytics lets us know what most people would do

James Keller – Elevate Your Meeting

  • Starts with your message
    • Clear and concise and consistent
    • Educational and fun
  • First impressions are everything
    • Simple, clean and professional site
    • Provide plenty of information to attendees
  • Getting to the meeting
    • Carey provides unparalleled ground transportation
    • Ease of mind for organizers and attendees
    • Carey offers years of professional experience and options
  • Technology
    • Registration and automated check-in via tablet
    • Print name tags live
    • Interactive meeting app providing schedules and updates
    • Live polling and voting for engagement and post-meeting evaluations

Fox World Travel Announces Partnership with Domo

To better serve business travel clients Fox World Travel has partnered with Domo to deliver a powerful solution for business intelligence.  Domo, a data visualization platform will allow Fox to create a better experience for its clients by providing a user-friendly interface that delivers interactive data and dashboards from multiple data sources.


Business intelligence, reporting and analytics are some of the most important challenges facing travel managers. Domo will provide clients with high level reporting dashboards and the ability to interact with data through drill down capabilities to transaction level detail.


Domo’s real-time data visualization will allow for proactive decision making using data trends. “Looking at your data from the month prior is like driving through your rear-view mirror,” says Dylan Christian, Fox World Travel’s Data Analytics manager, “Our partnership with Domo will enhance our already strong suite of data based technology solutions, and further enhance our travel program consultation offering.”


Domo is a U.S. based computer software company specializing in business intelligence tools and data visualization across a variety of industries.  For more information, contact Fox World Travel at 888.369.8785 or visit

Successful Women of Fox World Travel

With Monday’s panel of “Successful Women Leading in Business Travel” at this year’s GBTA, we wanted to showcase just some of the amazingly talented women that lead Fox today. All of these women are at GBTA this year, with some giving presentations on topics that have a huge impact on the travel industry.

Beth Marino, Chief Experience Officer / Interim Chief Information Officer

Marino is a highly accomplished travel industry executive with more than two decades of experience. Her strategic leadership positions in operations and technology give her the expertise to understand opportunities from all perspectives.

Marino’s positive and collaborative style has built a team of innovative thinkers at Fox who share a traveler-centric mindset. Under her leadership, Fox has successfully implemented the Business Travel Institute and award-winning Smartpoint adoption, as well as leading-edge initiatives like Fox’s 3i Proprietary Technology suite of traveler tools and data security.

JoHannah Greene, Client Solutions Manager

JoHannah began her career in the travel industry more than 20 years ago as a travel agent before spending 10 years as a corporate travel manager.

As a Client Solutions Manager, Greene has overall responsibility and accountability for the success of our clients’ partnership with Fox World Travel. She applies her previous experience in travel management, and now as an industry expert, to help build successful corporate travel programs through education, innovation and collaboration.

Emily Wright CTE, CCTE, GTP, Client Solutions Manager

Wright has been in the corporate travel industry for more than 20 years. As a Client Solutions Manager, she helps Fox corporate clients build successful corporate travel programs through education and collaboration and by utilizing the travel industry best practices.  She is the Administrator of the Fox Travel Manager Institute.

Wright currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Global Business Travel Association – Wisconsin Chapter (GBTA-WI) as the President/Chairman.  She previously served on the board as the VP of Education and the Director for Direct Members.

Maria Koch, Vice President of Global Sales

Koch has more than 20 years’ experience in the travel industry and joined Fox World Travel in 2006. As the Vice President of Global Sales, Maria is responsible for the strategic expansion of the Fox customer-base, both nationally and multi-nationally. She is responsible for the recruitment and support of an experienced sales force capable of fulfilling our corporate objectives.


Vivian Maxwell-Smith, CCTE, Global Sales Director

Maxwell-Smith has more than 25 years of travel industry experience in the Chicagoland marketplace.  She brings a broad understanding of the travel industry and communication skills that net a business-to-business relationship built upon a solid foundation. Her role with your organization is one of strategic alignment, ensuring travel initiatives and expectations are properly understood and implemented.

She has been an active member of the Chicago Business Travel Association for more than 20 years serving as Chair of the Educational Committee, Allied Council (founded the Square Table to support Allied Education), Co-Chair Volunteer Committee for the 2006 GBTA Annual Meeting in Chicago, CBTA Volunteer Committee (co-founded).  In 2010, Vivian was selected “Member of the Year” by the Chicago Business Travel Association (CBTA). She currently serves on the CBTA Charity/Sponsorship Committee.  Vivian is also a member of WINiT (Women In Travel).

If you want to see when Fox’s presentations are at GBTA, click here. Follow Fox during GBTA on our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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