Tips for frequent business travelers

For the Travel Manager’s Toolbox: Tips for Frequent Business Travelers

As a travel manager, you can help business travelers grow your business on the road by sharing some simple, yet valuable travel tips.

We get it— your business depends on the productivity and success of your travelers. That’s why the best business travel tips reduce traveler friction; help your road warriors stay connected, healthy and informed; and protect them from the unexpected. To help you and your business travelers achieve these goals, we’ve assembled a list of the best tips for frequent business travelers to add to your travel manager toolbox. Armed with these great tips on better organization, self-care and safety, your travelers will be more comfortable and happy while they take your company to new heights. Continue reading

Is your company ready for global consolidation?

Travel program consolidation is a key objective for travel managers. Successful program consolidation results in cost savings, strong vendor relationships, greater travel policy compliance, and, often, streamlined program administration.

You can achieve consolidation by reviewing the various components of the program, evaluating and choosing the best options for each component, then implementing the practices throughout your company. The four most common components organizations consolidate include:

  • Supplier Data
  • Travel Policy
  • Supplier Agreements
  • Travel Management Company

In order for global consolidation to be successful, the program requires support from the uppermost levels of an organization. First, identify the strategy and reasoning for consolidation—usually garnered from the list above. Next, secure an executive sponsor to promote program changes. Then develop a cross-functional team that is equipped to lead the process.  Lastly, gain support form travel champions in the countries and regions where business is being conducted.

There are three common configurations for globalizing a travel program:

One size fits all/One solution

  • This is a single contract with one global TMC, GDS and OBT
  • Commonly serviced through regional call centers

Best in region

  • Various points of global accountability based on region
  • This includes multiple contracts, TMCs, GDS and online booking tools

Lead TMC/Partner network

  • Contracting with a network of TMC partners that operates through a lead TMC partner

Through our experienced client solution managers, Fox World Travel guides clients through the global consolidation process.  We assist you in selecting the program that achieves successful consolidation for your organization.

How to write a travel policy

Any organization with staff who travel for business will at some point ponder how to write a travel policy. After all, an effective travel policy encourages staff to be wise stewards of company resources, supports employees while on the road, and helps to manage traveler stress. But if your organization has never tackled the task of writing a travel policy, the undertaking can seem overwhelming.

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The importance of business travel booking through a travel program

As any travel manager knows, business travel booking through a corporate travel program has a number of benefits. Personal safety support and reducing traveler friction rank near the top. In the travel industry, there’s a new term coined to describe the near-constant state of fear that many travelers experience these days: permanxiety. According to Skift Magazine, “Travel in An Age of Permanxiety,” travelers are constantly bombarded with stress related to politics, terrorism, security, technology and much more. Any company that sends staff into the field to build business and strengthen relationships could face the impact of this state of permanent anxiety. Simply put, business travelers who are stressed may not perform at their highest level. Continue reading

Dates, locations announced for Travel Manager Institute 2018

Sometimes the travel industry seems like it can move faster than a Boeing 787.

Today, a growing number of professionals from various backgrounds, such as human resources, procurement and finance take on the role of managing their organization’s travel. To help these professionals keep up with the fast-paced industry, Fox World Travel created the Travel Manager Institute. Continue reading

Delivering foxceptional service during Mateo

Delivering exceptional service during travel disruptions starts with planning before the events even take place.

Winter storm Mateo spread ice and snow throughout the Midwest and Northeast Feb. 8 to 10 causing delays and cancelations at many airports, including Chicago O’Hare.  According to FlightStats, from Thursday to Sunday U.S. airports saw more than 4,000 flight cancelations and roughly 20,000 flight delays.

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CASE STUDY: Hotel Program Consolidation and Centralization of Preferred Providers

The Customer

An international commercial and industrial printing company.

The Situation

The list of preferred hotels for the printing company grew to a point where the volume of each hotel was being diluted. Fewer and fewer hotels were negotiating a preferred rate and the company’s hotel expenses rose. Additionally, managing so many hotel agreements program increased costs and reduced their volume leverage to negotiate lower rates at many hotels.

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Why you ought to be auditing

Hotel program audits protect an organization’s investment

For many organizations, the first quarter brings a time of reprieve from hotel program sourcing.  Negotiations are likely finalized and preferred hotels are selected for the year.  And, the turn of the year is a few months removed from the necessity of beginning analysis and strategy for next year’s RFP.  It’s the ideal time for a hotel audit.

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