Nine essential travel hacks for going on vacation with kids

1. Consider a Night Flight – If you’re flying internationally and know that you will be in the air for at least six hours, then Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan of Momaboard advises parents to take “night flights,” especially if the children are preschool age or older. If you fly when your children are normally sound asleep in their beds at home, says Bhojwani-Dhawan, it’s likely that their biological clocks will take over and they’ll sleep on the plane.

2. Just Say “No” to Pre-Boarding – The goal should be to spend the least amount of time stuck on the plane as possible. If you are lucky enough to be traveling with another adult, divide and conquer. The first adult boards early and takes as much gear as possible…The second adult boards as late as possible with kids. There is no reason to spend more time than necessary cooped up in your tiny airplane seat.

3. Don’t Forget the Juice – Juice, in this case, doesn’t refer to orange, apple or grape – but rather, a battery charge. Screen time can be a terrific way to capture kids’ attention when you’re 36,000 feet up in the air, and you don’t want to rely on finicky in-flight outlets to get the job done. It’s always nice to have a portable battery device that can power up mobile phones or tablets.

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10 Benefits of Having a Destination Wedding

As an engaged couple, the question of having a destination wedding may come up. After all, who doesn’t get excited about the idea of going somewhere gorgeous and unique to exchange your wedding vows? If you find yourselves debating on “should we” or “shouldn’t we”, take a look at these ten reasons to have a destination wedding. Our Destination Wedding Specialists are here to help!

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Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas – Western Caribbean Cruise

Calling all cruise-goers and travel lovers! The world’s largest cruise ship, the Oasis of the Seas by Royal Caribbean International, can accommodate to every traveler, which makes it a great option for families. Recently, one of our very own experienced this cruise ship and she has provided some interesting insights. Deb King, Group Product Development Specialist at Fox World Travel, has traveled around the world and been aboard many cruise ships over the years.

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