Welcome March

Greetings Everyone!

Here in Wisconsin, winter is nearly behind us. The temperatures will be getting warmer, and we’ll start to see signs of Spring.

It’s interesting to me how the change of seasons brings new food ideas. The warm caramel, rich tastes of winter fade into the Spring tastes of lemon and spring herbs like chives. Even my cooking classes change from more requests for bread and hearty winter fare to pretty mousses, madeleines and other lovelies. Continue reading

Cinematic stays to inspire your next trip

This weekend, the Academy Awards will celebrate films that tell impactful stories and bring new worlds to life.  These worlds are created through imagination, acting and often times, a great location.  Many epic films and classic stories like “Harry Potter” and “The Jungle Book” come to life at sites around the world.

Here are some places to help inspire and enchant your next trip: Continue reading

Insights into the icons of the world

Whether you’re marking off vacation bucket list sights or showing off a city you love to new explorers, Insight Vacations creates the difference between simply seeing the sights and truly experiencing them.

Packed with action, completely carefree
Bring your walking shoes to Egypt, where carefully crafted itineraries include all the highlights while local guides add thoughtful perspectives. Perhaps you’ll reflect upon the more than 3000-year-old tombs in the Valley of the Kings, lose yourself in Karnak’s Hypostyle Hall or indulge in the custom of afternoon tea. Despite the busy pace, the mood is decidedly relaxed. That’s because all the details are handled by Fox World Travel in partnership with Insight Vacation’s highly trained travel directors, who are more akin to traveling concierges. They’re ready to help with any request — even taking that iconic shot of you next to the Great Pyramids of Giza.

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Explore Amsterdam and Norway with The Little French Bakery

Greetings everybody and happy new year!

I love this time of year. It may sound corny, but it really is a time to start fresh and plan for the new year. It is time to look ahead to dreams and make plans for this year and years to come.

This year brings an especially exciting travel opportunity. In June, I’ll be hosting a trip to Norway with Fox World Travel. Can you believe it? Norway! Continue reading

Journey to a land not so far, far away to Star Wars in Ireland

Don’t have a furry sidekick or a millennium falcon? No worries, you can still see the wonders of the Star Wars universe.

With the outside feeling like planet Hoth this winter, it’s hard not to start thinking of greener pastures—Ireland anyone? Ireland was one of the primary filming locations used for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.

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It’s cold outside…but the Gluhwein, or spiced mulled wine, will warm you up

Once offered by only a handful of lines, Christmas Market river cruises are gaining popularity.

Beginning around November 25th and spilling over to December 25th, long after the last market has shuttered but in full-swing for the busy Holiday season, Christmas Market river cruises are great for those looking to make family memories. Continue reading