Follow a South Africa Vacation with Rose Gray

By Rose Gray

Tomorrow, I’ll be leaving on another South Africa vacation with another group of Fox World Travel intrepid travelers. It was exactly one year ago that I was there, and the anticipation and excitement of showing this beautiful country to more of the “Fox Faithful” is building (maybe this will inspire me to start packing). Much of the itinerary is the same, but we are doing something a little different at Victoria Falls. Last year the group stayed at the famous Victoria Falls Hotel, and while it was wonderful, I asked African Travel, the tour operator that helped us craft this customized itinerary, if there was another option that might offer another wildlife experience and they suggested The Elephant Camp.  I checked it out online and said YES, this is exactly what I was looking for.

If you’d like to follow Rose on her travels throughout South Africa, follow Fox on Instagram at @foxworldtravel.

Travel Croatia with Denise Pedersen


Local Living with G Adventures – Experiential Travel at Its finest

by Denise Pedersen

Imagine waking up in the morning to the sun peering in your window and hearing the roosters crowing in the morning;  The view outside your window is the Adriatic Sea in the distance. That is how my day started every day in the Lovorno Villa – called “Agriturizm Kameni Dvori.”

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Diary from Machu Picchu

Guest post by Katie Tappa, Travel Consultant – Green Bay

It’s 3:15 a.m. and my cell phone alarm clock goes off.

At first, I think it must be a mistake, this is ridiculous. Then I remember, today is the day—I am visiting Machu Picchu.

I hurriedly brush my teeth and start putting on the layers of clothing I laid out the night before. It’s fall in Peru in an El Niño year, and, if all my travel experience has taught me anything, it’s anything can and will happen when it comes to the weather. The morning will likely be bone-chillingly cold and the afternoon could be hot, humid and sunny. So far, my time in Peru has been dreary and wet, so I don’t get my hopes up, but  I am prepared for anything.

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A look into Three Cellars

Guest Post by Jim Nelson, Three Cellars Owner

I started Three Cellars in October 2006 with my son-in-law, Shawn, to provide customers with excellent customer service and knowledge when purchasing fine wines and craft beers.  We have grown over the years to offer wine schools and off-site tastings.

My background is in wine. I enjoy helping customers pick the perfect wine to pair with a meal or teaching customers how to cook with wine. My wife, Norma, and I taste all the wines we bring into the store so we can provide first-hand knowledge, including growing area information. I also personally train the staff on the wines we sell. Continue reading

Explore royal castles of the U.K.

This weekend Prince Harry and Megan Markle will marry at St. George’s Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle. Royal Weddings have always been a favorite for the public, who enjoy watching in the tradition and glamour of it all.  Castles bring out the whimsy and imagination in all of us, whether it be because of their history or the glitz and glamour.  Unfortunately, not all of us can be royalty, but that doesn’t mean we can’t explore castles and treat ourselves to a little adventure every once and a while.  Here are some of our favorite historical castles if you happen to find yourself in, or are looking for a reason to visit the United Kingdom. Continue reading

Capture the romance on the world’s greatest rail journeys

Train travel is underrated. There is a charm and romance to be found traveling the rails. For many, boarding a train is almost like being transported back to a time when life was easier and more relaxed—everything a vacation should be. On a train, you can sit down, stretch out your legs and experience the world from a completely different perspective. Discover hidden destinations, scenic cityscapes, jutting mountains or rambling rivers all from the comfort of your seat.

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Explore the Lei of the Land

With its sheer natural beauty, warm hospitality, seemingly endless activities and attractions, it’s no wonder almost nine million travelers visit Hawaii each year. Capture the pure spirit and soul of Hawaii with Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Only Norwegian visits four islands in seven days with overnight stays in Maui and Kaua’i, so you’re on an island each day. Norwegian Cruise Line offers a no-hassle, stress-free experience in Hawaii with a multi-award-winning itinerary incorporating four beautiful Hawaiian Islands—Oahu, Maui, Hawaii, and Kauai—onboard Pride of America. Here are five reasons we think you should experience Hawaii by cruise. Continue reading