Business Intelligence in Action: Fox’s Cognition Modernizes Business Reviews

Regularly reviewing travel program performance, not only gives valuable insight into a company’s travelers’ behaviors, but also helps travel managers better align with their goals overseeing a travel program. Fox World Travel’s recent launch of its new business intelligence platform, Cognition, is changing the way companies look at reviews by enhancing the following areas.

Cost Savings

Cognition allows Fox client solutions (account) managers to drill down into many areas such as airline, hotel and car vendor compliance to analyze areas of improvement. For one client Cognition-powered business reviews have provided an in-depth look at traveler behavior and the level of compliance for the company’s preferred airline. This allowed their travel team to quickly identify the departments or individuals who were outside of compliance.

“[I] really love this reporting tool. It is quick, slick and truly unique.”
– Chief Financial Officer


A high adoption rate increases the availability and accuracy of your program’s data, allowing travel managers to make informed, actionable decisions. For one client trying to make the transition from a travel coordinator-led configuration to a self-service model, increasing online adoption was a top priority.

“Through Cognition’s drill-down capabilities, I was able to walk-through with my client real-time and offer detailed reports to measure their specific goal,” Fox Client Solutions Manager said. “This has resulted in a 95% adoption rate of the online booking tool and they said they couldn’t be happier.”

Another travel manager impressed by Cognition said the platform was like nothing they’d ever seen. “It has made our reviews so interesting and informative,” he said. “I feel like we’re talking more about actionable items in our program than ever before. I’m now even more excited for our meetings going forward.”

Decision Making

Actionable decisions are what drive alignment with your travel program’s current objectives. For a client wanting insight on bookings less than seven days out Fox Client Solutions Manager, Gina Maylath used Cognition’s drill-down capabilities help her client discover which exact travelers were booking outside the seven days and why they were booking last-minute.

“I just can’t get over how incredibly intuitive and awesome [Cognition] is! I love that I am getting my reports right NOW.”
– Travel Manager


Cognition is built for quick, actionable business intelligence, which is an added benefit for travel managers who are serving in other roles within their organization. Clients are taking advantage of Cognition’s speed and intuition to immediately take the necessary steps to align their travel program with their goals.

“This has created an atmosphere of excitement,” said Fox Client Solutions Manager JoHannah Greene. “This excitement stems from the ability to always have visibility, allowing travel managers to be up to date on what matters, when it matters.”

“What a valuable use of our time, I can’t get over the drill down and being able to quickly pull reports!”
– Travel Manager


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