Common Online Booking Travel Myths

The world of travel is constantly changing. Since traveling is such an essential part of any company’s success, businesses need to focus on making transportation simple and hassle-free. When looking to book trips for employees, rumors and myths about online booking can travel as far as any plane. That’s why we’re here to provide answers to some of the most common online booking travel myths that you may have heard.

1. “I can find this flight cheaper somewhere else.”

All carriers are contractually obligated to offer the same fares and availability as they would anywhere else, including their own website. We are always looking to apply discounts to help make trips cheaper in the long run. So, if your company or travel management company (TMC) provides discounts, you will find the most affordable options through your corporate online booking tool (OBT).

2. “My online booking tool is all about savings.”

Savings are, of course, extremely important to help companies and travelers get the best experience possible. However, while Fox World Travel takes pride in helping clients save money, nothing brings a bigger smile to our faces than great customer service and building trust through client partnerships. Whether it’s during the booking process or help when a travel disruption occurs, we’re more than happy to help you get the best travel experience possible.

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3. “Who can I reach out to if something comes up?”

The OBT booking is processed through the same technology as an agent-booked reservation. This means the traveler will receive all the same notifications on flight changes, delays, waiver opportunities and more. If a traveler calls, agents have access to the OBT reservation just like they would if it was booked with an agent.

4. “If I have an issue or question about my online booking, I always have to call.”

We get it. When traveling, it’s not always fun to hop on the phone to speak with someone you don’t know to fix an issue. Worry not, as Fox strives to make things fast and simple. Back in 2019, Fox launched a new live chat support feature, so you can easily chat with a real person directly in the online tool if you have any questions!

Hopefully debunking these common online booking travel myths will help make you feel more confident in all of your travels. Be sure to contact us at Fox with any questions about online booking with your company!

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