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Lindblad Expeditions Programs


From the beginning, Lindblad Expeditions has been dedicated to promoting educational opportunities. Their belief is that by exposing adults and children to the wonders of the world, they will help foster the next generation of committed citizens who care about the future of the planet. The educational outreach consists of awareness campaigns, the sponsorship of research on oceans and seas, and the provision of scholarships for educators and young people to learn about the world.

Some educational initiatives include:

Kids on Board: In 2007, and at the request of local teachers, Lindblad Expeditions � together with the Darwin Station � launched the Kids on Board program, an extension of Teachers on Board in the Galapagos Islands. In the program�s first two years, nearly 400 students from schools on Santa Cruz Island in Galapagos were invited to visit the National Geographic Polaris for a glass-bottomed boat or Zodiac ride, a natural history lesson from a Lindblad naturalist, and a ship�s tour of the National Geographic Polaris.

Grosvenor Teach Fellowship Program: The The Grosvenor Teacher Fellowship program was established in 2007 to honor National Geographic Society Chairman Gilbert M. Grosvenor�s lifetime commitment to geographic education. The fellowships were donated in perpetuity to the National Geographic Society by Lindblad Expedition�s President, Sven Lindblad to mark Grosvenor�s 75th birthday and to honor his service in enhancing & improving geographic education across the United States. The annual fellowships will be awarded to K-12 teachers who demonstrate excellence in geographic education. The selected teachers will travel on a Lindblad ship to one of the company�s many destinations around the world.

Sustainable Cuisine

At Lindblad Expeditions, shipboard chefs use fresh, local ingredients whenever possible, including locally grown produce, sustainable catch fish, and other local and indigenous products. By adding regional ingredients and flavors to a menu that also includes traditional favorites; they aim to provide guests with a greater sense of the cuisine and culture in the regions being explored.

Recent initiatives promoting sustainable cuisine include:

Chefs at Sea: In 2008, Lindblad Expeditions launched the latest component in its food program – Chefs at Sea. This program engages the passion and energy of A-list chefs on board the ships and includes cooking demos, lectures and other opportunities for guests to learn about food history and culture such as exploring food markets, gardens or other places of culinary interest around the globe.

Seafood for Thought: Seafood for Thought is an initiative designed to provide both information and inspiration when it comes to helping preserve fish stocks world-wide and making informed choices about seafood purchasing. On the vessels Lindblad works to ensure that seafood offerings are carefully selected not only for flavor, but also for the best fishing practices possible.

Shrimp Policy: One of the earliest commitments to marine conservation was the removal of shrimp from our fleet menus in August of 2001. Unfortunately after spending a considerable amount of time searching for confirmable sources of sustainably harvested shrimp to reliably service our fleet we have come to the conclusion that almost all shrimp available on the world market today is either too environmentally destructive to continue to serve in good conscience, or that emerging suppliers’ claims of sustainability have not been credibly verified.

Inspire and Invigorate

At Lindblad Expeditions, they believe that exploring nature can lead to some of the most inspirational, reflective and rejuvenating moments you can ever have – on your own or with loved ones, family, or friends.

Experience shows that guests prefer flexibility when choosing the way they rest and rejuvenate in the wildest, most remote places on earth. Whether it's on one of the Alaska cruises or Galapagos cruises, some prefer to kayak or hike tranquilly, while others would rather challenge themselves to go longer distances, or dare to try new activities like snorkeling or diving. Still others would prefer to connect with their surroundings through a variety of wellness treatments inspired by the natural world.

To that end, Lindblad offers up a variety of options to help you tap into your own notion of wellness, in whatever way you choose. Whether you join yoga and Pilates inspired movement sessions, pay attention to nutrition, or pursue relaxation, staff will provide guidance and expertise that helps you experience wellness, and wonder, at your pace.

Expedition Team

"The best Expedition Staff in the industry. Period. "And it’s not just us saying it. The comment cards that we collect from our guests after each expedition consistently express the same message: “the expedition staff made the trip.” Our Expedition Leaders, outstanding Naturalists, Marine Biologists, Photographers and Undersea Specialists collectively have thousands of years of experience guiding travelers to the most interesting places in the world. They are the ones who write the books, they are the locals; they are the experts that knowledgeable explorers want to travel with again and again. They are the best in their fields. Read more and see why our staff inspires such passion.

Global Perspectives Program

Available exclusively aboard National Geographic Explorer and on select departures on National Geographic Orion, this program enables guests' to travel with fascinating people that they might have seen in the news, on television, or in a lecture hall – now easily available to them in person, in the intimate and conversational context of an expedition.

National Geographic Global Explorers Family Program

Developed in conjunction with National Geographic Education, our unique kids' program recently launched in Galápagos and will roll out to Alaska starting in the 2018 season!

Kids and teens choose cool activities—from earning a Zodiac “driver’s license” to recording wildlife sightings in their Field Notebook—all designed to help them develop what National Geographic Education defines as the attitudes, skills an knowledge of an explorer. Guests under 18 will:

Have fun! They’ll take part in daily fun activities, all while making new friends and lifelong memories

Benefit from National Geographic certified field educators: Our naturalists, newly minted as National Geographic certified field educators, optimize daily learning opportunities

Connect with nature: They’ll have direct contact with wildlife above and below the sea, such as snorkeling with sea lions in Galapagos and identifying whale flukes from the ship’s bow in Alaska

Learn to be a storyteller: Through photos, videos, music, drawing and more, kids can use their creativity to tell stories about the unique things they’ll do and see along the way

Develop their observation skills: Daily “In the Field" activities will prompt kids to watch out for a particular item, like a creature with scales or a giant coral head on land, then record their observations in their Field Notebook

National Geographic Orion Activity Services

Wake each morning to another day of adventure with the expedition team, and then return to your base camp Orion. Whether your experiences involve landing on a remote beach, venturing up narrow rivers in your Zodiac, or exploring caves for ancient rock art, you know that you will always return to the comfort of the dedicated 75 member crew. Have a massage to unwind, a sauna for sore muscles, or order a refreshment brought to you, spa side, before enjoying dinner on the back deck or in the dining room. You�ll find National Geographic Orion is unlike any other ship. Her appointments are luxurious, yet life aboard has a distinctly relaxed flavor with the international-standard service being warm and unobtrusive. The ambiance is intimate and subtly elegant. Orion takes you to the planet�s most remote, wild places while maintaining a superb level of comfort and convenience.

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