Customization without Complication: Fox’s 3i Philosophy

Written by: Jeremy Dyken, Vice President of Information Technology, Application and Product Development 

Jeremy Dyken, VP of Information Technology, Application and Product Development


If you spend any amount of time in the corporate travel industry, you’ll quickly learn one incontrovertible truth. No two travel programs are exactly alike. Of course, there will always be similarities in technology platforms and professional services, but every business operates in different capacities. They have different philosophies, operational processes, and strategic goals. Sometimes, a travel program just needs someone to help reshape that proverbial square peg so that it does fit nicely into the round hole.


Not everyone likes pain points in their business, but experience has taught us that those are the experiences that hold the most potential for transformation. It’s amazing how a quick discussion can turn into a solution. If you have pain points in your program, my hope is that you will Expect More from your TMC. We love complex forward-thinking discussions and never shy away from exploring options.


At Fox, we are guided by our 3i Philosophy for Custom Success. We ask ourselves if the solution provided is Intuitive, Innovative, and Intelligent. Regardless of the size of the potential solution, it’s amazing to watch this process unfold with a client. Many are not fully aware of what’s truly possible, and that is when the really exciting ideas develop. As we explore the challenges together, ensuring the solution is guided by our 3i Philosophy ultimately helps us focus our time and energy on what will make the most impact. The final result can run the spectrum from efficiency gains to revenue generation to improved traveler experiences.


Here is just a sampling of those results:

1. Unprofiled Traveler Disconnects

If you’ve ever had to book for unprofiled travelers and work to keep things in policy, you know how hard it can be. Now take that number exponentially for travel managers in the education space. Between sports, guest speakers, professors and exchange students, this challenge can be never ending. Fox quickly crafted an unprofiled travel platform that allows clients in a similar situation to now book with ease and confidence ensuring every traveler is well documented, booked and cared for.

Fox Case Study: Pre-Authorization Form


2. Unused Ticket Library

Post pandemic when millions of airline tickets were all but stranded, Fox created an Unused Ticket Library system which created automation for our clients to see first tickets and credits available when booking to ensure these vouchers were used first to recover cost outlay and reduce new spend.

Fox Case Study: Custom Development for Interactive Unused Tickets Library


3. Recruitment Connections

When one client faced challenges getting their high volume of recruits and new hires on-site and on-time in the most logical and cost-effective way, Fox stepped in to partner with outside suppliers to create a booking platform that changed the way the company onboarded and created significant enhancements in their recruitment process metrics.

Fox Case Study: Custom Recruit Travel Booking Tool


4.Ticket Lifecycle

Not every ticket is made equal and where that ticket gets booked, and canceled and rebooked to, makes a difference for client billing. Fox noted the difficulty one client was having on their backend, so with the creation of a new “ticket inspector” tool, the client now has full visibility to the entire journey each ticket takes so they are able to properly allocate the cost structure.


Custom doesn’t have to be complicated. If you wonder how a few tweaks to the dial can drive huge program impact, we should talk.  Or, if you do have a huge innovative tech need, our experienced technology teams are unlike any other.

Change doesn’t happen on its own and this is your chance to make your definition of Custom Success.   


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