Partnering with Deem to Bring Innovative Travel Management Solutions to Customers

Getting back to travel looks different for every organization and priorities have likely shifted. At Fox, we pivot based on our customer’s unique needs, most often leaning on technology and innovation to help solve key business issues.

Case in point? Fox World Travel’s elevated status as a Deem Collective Premium Partner. This partnership allows Fox to expand on our ability to custom program and configure Deem to work intuitively based on our customer’s key objectives. The solution features a simplified interface and an agile, intuitive user experience to help promote traveler adoption.

With this elevated partnership and additional offerings for our clients, Fox can help business travel programs also improve on the use of negotiated rates, and better manage traveler safety and security—all of which led to program cost effectiveness and more importantly, traveler management with enhanced Duty of Care.

Most importantly, however, Deem and Fox share in the mission to help transform travel. Deem’s most recent example, Etta, is their mobile-first, corporate travel booking and management platform. Deem offers travelers everything they need to easily make the right travel decisions for themselves and their company. Deem’s travel technology plugs into major travel agencies and expense solution providers, empowering more corporate customers and the world’s largest travel management companies.

“Engaging the traveler and earning their buy-in is key to a successful travel program and policy adoption,” said George Kalka, vice president of business travel for Fox World Travel. “When travelers understand the technology, and the experience is highly intuitive, they embrace the program and naturally support their organization’s Duty of Care and risk mitigation, which is especially critical in today’s environment. Deem’s platform is a simple and easy interface; our clients couldn’t be more thrilled with the recent enhancements.”

With an even deeper relationship between Deem and Fox, travel managers and business partners have more options available to decide when, where and how their travelers engage with less disruption and more innovation.

Business travelers’ expectations have adjusted. If you’re looking to meet those expectations and proactively review your travel program, contact Fox World Travel to get started.


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