Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

Mexico – Caribbean- Hawaii

Tip #1: Save the date!  Give your guests a heads up about your destination wedding plans at least eight months before the big day.  This will allow them time to request days off work, evaluate their budgets and maybe even plan their family vacation around your wedding date.

Tip #2: Dress for success!  While a tropical climate might be great for your tan, it can wreak havoc on big, fluffy satin dresses.  Consider lighter-weight fabrics, a shorter hemline or a strapless gown to keep you cool on your wedding day.

Tip #3: Roll with the punches!  If you’re“Type A” person, you’ll need to stay flexible and not check your watch every 5 minutes.  Many tropical destinations have a relaxed sense of time.  Keep your calm and a sense of humor!

Tip #4: Welcome your guests!  Leave a gift bad in each room full of goodies for your guests.  Don’t forget suntan lotion and trinkets to remind them of your wedding destination when they’re back at home.

Tip #5: Pack with care!  Plan to carry on your dress and any other hard-to-replace wedding apparel.  If you are brining any quantities of favors, bubbles, personalized napkins, etc., make sure you follow local guidelines to clear customs.  You don’t to be held up so close to your final destination.

Tip #6: Plan some downtime!  Be sure to factor in plenty of free time for your family and friends.  They won’t have time to enjoy the destination if every minute is packed with get togethers, dinners, rehearsal dinners and post-wedding brunches.

Tip #7: Save up to 40%!  Planning an off-season wedding or honeymoon (May-Dec) can help you save big on hotels and other costs.   For example, Jamaica’s tropical climate does not vary from season to season, so marry in the “off-season” and save!