Bora Bora is considered one of the most romantic places anywhere. Dominant from the moment of arrival are majestic Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia, two towering volcanic peaks of black rock jutting out of the center of the emerald-green island. Often shrouded in clouds, these landmarks take on mysterious and mythical qualities. Off-road excursions, bicycling, and hiking into this wild beauty reveal incredible panoramas and valleys. Hundreds of brilliantly-colored fish, intricate gardens, and clear water also create some of the very best undersea worlds. For an exhilarating expedition, swim with and watch local divers feed small, non-dangerous lagoon sharks.

Bora Bora has become famous worldwide for the iconic over-the-water private bungalows. This romantic hotel room set-up is so often seen here because beachfront space is limited. There is only one true beach on the island, but there are still optimal places to find privacy, making this a prime honeymoon destination.

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