Cadillac is located in the Gironde commune of the Aquitaine region in southwestern France.  The town was founded in 1280 by Lord Jean I de Grailly whose lush land grew renown vineyards of sweet green and tannin red grapes. The neighboring and competitive towns such as Bordeaux and Sauternes also harvest sweet wines. Centuries of Cadillac’s French-style architecture, grandiose staircases, royal apartments, luxurious French décor, and tasteful art make it an ideal sight-seeing tour for visitors.  Active visitors can cycle between French towns and the miles of vineyards or canoe on the River Garonne. 

Asides from viniculture, France birthed Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac who adopted the commune as his own.  A French explorer and adventurer, he discovered today’s Detroit, Michigan – the center of automobile production in the 20th century. The founders of Cadillac Auto Company, paid homage to La Mothe and his feats.