Chongqing is a port city with the largest area and diverse population in China. It is a tourist attraction, commercial city, and focal point of the unique Yangtze Three Gorges tourist industry. Chongqing attracts visitors fromĀ all over for its cultural heritage and tourist attractions. The city is starting point of the Yangtze River Cruise. Other attractions include Dazu Grottoes – valuable works of art carved during the ninth century. Visit Gold Buddhist Mountain, a rich repository of diverse animals and plants; there’s Fishing Town – one of three ancient battlefields in China. Traveling in Chongqing allows savoring of delicious local food, such as Sichuan cuisine and world-famous hot pot dishes. Handicrafts made from bamboo have been enjoying great popularity among visitors. Chongqing’s nickname as “Fog City” or “Furnace” is no exaggeration. The best time to visit Chongqing should be in spring, autumn and winter.

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