Dijon, a city in Romantic France, has numerous sights. Tour Philippe le Bon offers outstanding views. The Palace of Dukes of Burgundy now houses the Town Hall and Fine Arts Museum. Charming squares and streets lead past half-timbered houses and elegant mansions beneath church spires. Notre-Dame, the Gothic church dating from the 13th century, is a stone work of art with a unique facade of gargoyles and slender columns topped by the Jacquemart Clock which has struck each hour for townspeople since 1383. The Cathedral of Saint-Benigne has a crypt containing fascinating sculptures from around the year 1000. Near the cathedral are old churches of Saint Philibert and Saint Jean. The Archaeological Museum houses fascinating treasures. The Perrin de Puycousin Museum of Burgundian Life reconstructs the life of past Dijonnais and Burgundians, while the Museum of Sacred Art is housed in the former chapel. Dijon boasts parks and gardens, as well as the Port on Burgundy Canal where boats leave for cruises to the countryside.

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