South Queensferry still offers an environment that can transport visitors back to an earlier time more readily than most places in Scotland. South Queensferry offers one of the most interesting collections of buildings anywhere. The oldest is St Mary’s church, which dates from 1441. “Black Castle”, built on the High Street in 1626 is the oldest house in South Queensferry, which was built for a sea captain who was lost with his ship. The nearby Tollbooth was built in the 1600s, though the tower dates back only to 1720. The High Street itself has an unusual stepped cross section designed to cope with the town’s steeply sloping site above the shore. This has led to elevated pavements on the inland side of the street, which add to the atmosphere. For very obvious reasons, plus proximity to Edinburgh, South Queensferry is an extremely popular place. It is worth making an effort to try and catch it at a quiet time: that way visitors can still catch glimpses of the South Queensferry of the 1700s Robert Louis Stevenson featured in “Kidnapped”.

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