It is no coincidence Ghent was given several names: historic heart of Flanders, a city of all times, one of the most beautiful historic cities in Europe. The city combines an impressive past with a vivid present. The historic heart of the city offers many places of interest. From St Michael’s bridge there is a wonderful view of the skyline of Ghent with the three impressive towers of St Nicholas’ Church, the Belfry with its bell tower, and St. Bavo’s cathedral. Traces of the Middle Ages are well-preserved in Ghent. The old port with its guild halls on Graslei and Korenlei is merely one example of the beautiful views this town has to offer. Not far from Graslei arises the Castle of the Counts, once the medieval fortress of the Count of Flanders. Ghent also has several museums, abbeys, beguinages, dozens of churches and historical buildings. Everyone can find something here to suit his taste. Ghent offers shops, restaurants and an exciting nightlife. Discover Ghent by boat, carriage, bicycle or on foot.

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