The Giurgiu County is situated in the Southern part of Romania, on the middle course of the Danube River, as a part of the Romanian Plain. The Southern border of the county washed by the Danube on a length of 72 km gives it the possibility to have river connections (including the way to the Black Sea) with the Danubian countries from the Central and Eastern Europe. Since 1993 when the Rhin-Main-Danube was finished, an opening to the West-European countries was created being possible to reach the North Sea via Rotterdam. The Giurgiu-Ruse road and railway bridge, the only permanent cross over the Danube to Bulgaria, offers also connections to the countries of Central Europe, from and to the Balkan Peninsula and Middle Asia. The Giurgiu county has a diversified industrial production, but being situated in a predominant agricol region its main wealth consists in agricultural activities (cereals, vegetables and vine). The opening of the Free Zone of Giurgiu, the short distance to Bucharest and Bulgaria will offer new opportunities in the development of this county. The natural landscape, interesting historic places offer to tourists some points of attraction. For example, in the village of Comana, on the bank of the Neajlov River, there is a monastery built by ruler Vlad Tepes which is documentary dated back from 1461. The Monuments from Calugareni, placed on the road between Bucharest and Giurgiu, are dedicated to the Romanian army led by Mihai the Brave who fought here in 1594-1595 and was admired by the whole Europe after drove away over the Danube the numberless Ottoman army of Sinan Pasha. The capital city of this county is Giurgiu which is documentary dated back from 1395. Among the monuments of Giurgiu the Clock Tower has to be mentioned. Also the “Teohari Antonescu” History Museum is an important and interesting cultural place in Giurgiu.

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