Tucked away in a quiet southern recess of Norway’s largest fjord, Sognefjord, Gudvangen lies at the head of the beautiful Naeroyflord. From there Norway’s steepest main road winds skywards – through 13 tortuous hairpin bends – from the depths of the stunning Stallheim Gorge. At the top are glorious views of Stallheimfossen waterfall and scenery of wild, monumental beauty. Sognefjord probes nearly 110 miles into the heart of the mountainous interior of Norway, skirting around the southern edge of the great glacier massif of the Jostedalsbreen. Surrounded by 5,500 foot cliffs wetted by veils of tumbling waterfalls, the fjord is so narrow in some places that during the winter, the sun never reaches the valley floor. Perhaps the raw wild beauty and solitude of this place inspired the building of Sognefjord’s medieval stave churches – several fine examples can be seen here.