It’s said that once you visit Ireland, it is never forgotten. The Irish landscape has a mythic resonance, due as much to the country’s history full of adversity as its claim to being the home of the fairies and the ‘little people.’

The weather may not always be clement, but the dampness ensures there are fifty shades of green to compensate – just one of the reasons Ireland is called the Emerald Isle. Ireland’s landscapes are raw, its cities are vibrant and its history holds endless tales. Tying all this together is the Irish character. The country may be small but its cultural impact worldwide continues to be immense, and this is due to far more than just a romantic notion of how it used to be. It’s often said that there are two Irelands. Despite its economic woes, 21st-century Ireland is a modern destination, full of fresh creativity. At the same time, of course, it’s somewhere rooted in the strongest of traditions, a country marked by humor, hospitality and more than the occasional late night.

We send travelers to Ireland year round and our travel agents specializing in Ireland work with popular tour operators and FIT companies to recommend the best vacations that will allow you to experience Ireland at the level you desire. Stay in castles, visit local Irish pubs, tour coastal landscapes and so much more.

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