Icebergs are called ‘Ilulissat’ in Greenlandic, and it is no surprise to anyone who has been here Jakobshavn, or ‘Ilulissat’, is this town’s name. Ilulissat is beautifully situated at the mouth of the ice fjord filled with enormous icebergs produced by the most productive glacier in the Northern Hemisphere. The largest icebergs strand at the mouth and do not break free until spring tide, or until they are so eroded the balance shifts. 4,000 people live in Ilulissat and at least 2,500 sled dogs. This is a statement of the importance of the dogsled as a means of transport. The harbor is filled with fishing vessels and trawlers bearing witness to the importance of fishing to the town. Only a couple of miles from town is lush Sermermiut valley which extends down to the ice fjord. Excavations have since shown that the beautiful valley had been inhabited for thousands of years. North of Ilulissat lies Oqaatsut where some of the old houses from the colonial period are today fitted up as a youth hostel and restaurant. At the impressive Eqi glacier, it is possible to spend the night in modern cabins.