Kelheim is a harbor town on one main important European water road and ships with freight from everywhere of the world now bring prosperity. The first sign of reaching Kelheim is a big monument on top of a hill. It is a white round hall from marble, which was built in 1842-1863 by King Ludwig I from Bavaria in memoriam to the big wars to free Europe from Napoleon. Visit the building and have a wonderful view of this region. Looking down, there is Kelheim, which is divided by the Main-Donau canal. Kelheim has the charm of a nice little town. Five bike trails meet in Kelheim. There are much ways to relax – including biking, walking, swimming, fishing, renting boats to pull, playing tennis or squash, paragliding in the near and so on. The town has big sightseeing boats on the river allowing visitors to see Bavaria. A sight to visit is the oldest monastery in Bavaria, the Kloster Weltenburg, half an hour from Kelheim. They sell a very good but strong beer in the monastery. Each step a visitor takes in the district of Kelheim is touching history.

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