Lorne is one scenic destination of Australia. Ocean, mountains, rocks and rainforest can all be found here. Cinema Point Lookout, the highest point on the Great Ocean Road, is worth visiting. Cathedral Rocks Lookout, Mount Defiance Lookout, all on the Great Ocean Road are located within miles of Lorne. There are numerous beautiful waterfalls around the city. Erskine Falls, surrounded with rocks and ferns and just outside Lorne, has been said to be the most scenic and famous image ever featured on Forestry Victoria posters. The magnificent Otway Ranges meet the ocean at Lorne. Sunlit fern fronds, shadowy gullies and dripping moss. Eucalypt-clad leafy slopes. Clear streams. Filtered blue sky. Sometimes a birch forest. A tree on its side so big one can walk into it. Incredible to visit, even in Winter.

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