Since Narsarsuaq means ‘great plain’, it stands to reason South Greenland’s international airport is here. The ice cap is about three to four hours away on foot – and a beautiful hike away through lush ‘Flower Valley’. The ice can also be experienced by sailing to Qooroq Fjord where boats sail close to the glacier, which occasionally sends gigantic icebergs into the water. Narsarsuaq offers a beautiful view of Qassiarsuk sheep farms. To this day ruins from the Norse era are clearly visible, as are elegant reconstructions of Erik’s farmstead and Thjodhildur’s Church. Many stay at them during hiking trips, horseback rides and angling trips in the area. Itilleq is one hour by boat from Narsarsuaq to the south-east. From here it is a short walk to the settlement of Igaliku. The Norse named the locality Gardar, and an Episcopal residence was founded here in 1126. The ruins of the cathedral and bishop’s place have been renovated in recent years, and today constitute a beautiful memorial to Greenland’s Norse Era.