Visitors of all ages can have fun in Palm Beach. Excellent year-round sunny skies and tropical temperatures make it a superb place to experience the outdoors. Visit wild inhabitants at Palm Beach Zoo. Fun slide and dive at Calypso Bay Waterpark or Coconut Cove. Catch a Cardinal baseball game at a world-class stadium or tour an Old Florida orange grove at Knollwood Groves. Enjoy an old-fashioned malted milkshake at Ragtops Motorcars, where cars are displayed. The Palm Beach Kennel Club provides greyhound racing and poker rooms with fine dining. 47 miles of white sandy beaches with exotic shells, sand dunes, loggerhead turtles and lush tropical vegetation are natural wonders to explore. Explore Lion Country Safari where more than one thousand animals roam free. Take a quick lesson in “golf-croquet” at National Croquet Center – the world’s largest croquet complex. International Orchid Center is headquarters of the American Orchid Society, and provides a beautiful and serene tour of the world’s most exotic plants.

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