In the third millennium, Passau was considerably enlarged by the prince bishops of Passau, who made it their royal residence and capital of the largest Danube diocese. The wonderful Baroque buildings dominating the city today were built after a fire of 1662. One of the most striking is cathedral of St. Stephan, with the world’s biggest church organ. One of the best ways to enjoy the magic of Passau is with a sightseeing tour. Other sights to see include: Neue Residenz – an Episcopal palace; Veste Oberhaus – Citadel of the prince bishops with the best view of the Old Town and confluence of the three rivers; Town Hall, which is lavishly decorated halls with monumental paintings; Niedernburg Abbey – tomb of Gisela, first queen of Hungary; Maria Hilf – an abbey and place of pilgrimage overlooking the town center; Dreiflusse-Eck – the confluence of the Danube, Inn and Ilz; and St. Nikolai – a University church with Romanesque crypt.

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