The Post Office Box on Post Office Bay was used in old days by whalers and others to stay in touch with their loved ones at home. Leaving the letters behind in the wooden barrel, other sailors returning home took it with them. Today tourists take the tradition over and leave post cards behind to be picked up later by others. A large lava tube is located behind the barrel. Visitors can enter the lava tunnels by stairs. The coastal vegetation is a dry tropical forest with low growing trees and shrubs. Frigate birds become frenzied when fisherman or cooks clean fish and throw away the scraps. Watch them playfully throw up the pieces and have aerial acrobatic frigates snatch them from the air. When free meals are not available frigates harass other sea birds in the air to drop their catch. Rays are seen around boats floating close to the water surface. The beautiful sunsets on the equator are fast and should not be missed.

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