Puerto Escondido initially was known for its coffee trade, starting in the 1920s. Some miles above the town, tucked away into the hillside, is the Oaxacan Cloud Forest, where you can visit the coffee farms and also hike through the countryside. Back in town, witness surfers brave the dramatic swell of the "Mexican Pipeline", a world renown surf break. Cafes, restaurants and a lively nightlife make for a comfortable visit, and the Manialtepec lagoon is nearby, ideal for a day trip of birding. The area is also home to the Turtle Assistance Ecological Camp a few miles away from the port itself, where nearby you can visit the Living Museum of Sea Turtles at Mazunte Beach.
Escondido is still humble and laid-back as a fishing port town, with little development. Driving along the Carretera coastal highway, you’ll find a variety of smaller towns to explore, as well.