Tanzania not only has the highest mountain in Africa, (Kilimanjaro is 19,340 feet) but the longest and deepest lake, Tanganyika, which is over 4,000 feet deep and harbors many exotic looking species that exist only here. Not only that, but Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake covering over 362,000 square miles, also borders this country. Remote beaches far north and south of Dar are beautiful. The developing islands in the Indian Ocean are magnificent. Zanzibar has undergone a total facelift within the past decade, with many new hotels, renovated historical structures, and much improved infrastructure. Mafia and Pemba island have nice resort lodges and facilities for scuba divers. While it can be warm and humid on these islands, as well as on the coast, interior Tanzania is crisp and ideal between May and September. Expect heavy rain April through May. While there, traditional Tanzanian colorful cotton sarongs are a great buy. Additionally, take a look at some ebony and soapstone carvings, gemstones, colorful fabrics, pipes and sisal baskets. 

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