Besides being a business and trade center, Tianjin is also a famous historic and cultural city. The principal sights are: Huangyaguan Great Wall, Dagukou Emplacement, Dule Temple, Mt. Panshan, Haihe Park, Water Park, Central Line Scenic Area, and Culture and Food Streets.
The visitor can also enjoy the varied and beautiful architectures of the old concessionary areas where various objects and antiques can be found in the winding streets of the antique market. Food in Tianjin is quite different from other regions in China. The famous Tianjin-style braised creamed cabbage (steamed stuffed buns called “goubuli”) are definitely worth a try. Fish and seafood are also very common. In the Chinese custom, fish is brought live to the table before being prepared according to your taste in either a local or a more cosmopolitan style. A discussion with the waiter on how to cook the meal is one of the pleasures of eating in China.

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