The Yangtze is the longest Asian river and the third-longest in the world, flowing about 3,400 mi long. It rises in the Kunlun Mountains in Qinghai (Tsinghai) Province, and flows to its mouth in the East China Sea, about 14 miles north of Shanghai. Ocean-going vessels may navigate the river to Hankou, a distance of almost 600 miles from the sea. For about 200 miles inland from its mouth, the river is virtually at sea level. The delta flows through Jiangsu Province, largely a deltaic plain consisting of silt deposited by the Yangtze and one of the chief rice-growing areas of China. For years, this river has an integral role in Chinese history, culture and economy. It is booming with infrastructure now as the Chinese government is building an advanced network of roads, highways, railroads and airports on the path alongside the river. Experience the wonders of this magical river and its Three Gorges aboard a Yangtze river cruise.