Enjoy the Benefits of River Cruising with Avalon Waterways

Spend less time getting there and more time being there. River cruising has become more and more popular due to all the great benefits it has to offer.

Top Reasons to river cruise with Avalon Waterways

  • Smaller ships. Since the ships are smaller than a large cruise ship, you are able to port in smaller areas, hop on and off the ship and be right there in destination.
  • It’s a leisurely experience. It’s not about rushing from one place to another. You visit key sights but there is also time to relax.
  • River cruise ships are intimate. The size of the ships are limited due to the need for them to go through locks and under low bridges. Avalon ships have under 170 cabins in each ship allowing for more space in your stateroom and public gathering areas.
  • Local tastes and culture. Enjoy a wide range of activities, like food and wine tastings, demonstrations by local artisans, talks by experts about the areas through which you’re traveling, and lively performances by local entertainers.
  • Unpack only once. Unpack and relax as this ship is your home for the duration of your trip.
  • See the views right from your stateroom. When your bed faces a wall, the view never changes. This is why Avalon’s beds face a window. Seeing the incredible views you pass while river cruising is one of the special experiences.

If you are interested in learning more about river cruising or would like to experience this incredible way of traveling, contact one of our Travel Consultants by calling 888-369-8785 or inquire online. We also have a variety of 2017 Select Vacation river cruises to choose from with Avalon Waterways.

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