Balancing Traveler Safety & Security Within Your Travel Program – Recording

Start Time

Tuesday, November 17th, 2020, 2:00 pm

End Time

Monday, November 17th, 2025, 3:00 pm

Eliminate corporate travel blind spots. Keep all your travelers safe.

Automatically track all corporate travel activity – whether booked through your TMC or directly with suppliers – in one place and in real time, exactly as your travelers are doing now.

When the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns began,  corporate travel managers worldwide immediately realized they had serious gaps in their business travel data.  While company policies may state that they mandate the use of a dedicated TMC, employees inevitably had booked their travel ‘out-of-policy’ or ‘off-channel,’ and therefore, that booking data was invisible to travel managers during this critical time.  The result, companies had no idea if their employees were stuck in a country that had just closed its borders or had recently returned to the United States from a virus hot spot and needed to be quarantined.

All of the  missing travel bookings created a last-minute duty-of-care crisis for many companies, leading forward thinking TMCs such as Fox World Travel to realize that they needed the ability to service off-channel bookings for our valued customers.  Fox has taken action to partner with Traxo in order to best serve our clients.

Join us on Tuesday, November 17th as Fox’s global client solutions managers, Jeff Saydah and Gina Maylath are joined alongside Traxo’s regional director of sales, Justin Morris. Fox and Traxo will discuss the new “Traxo for TMC’s” and the value in capturing all travel data, enabling corporations to automatically share all of their business travel data, regardless of booking channel, in real-time. Learn how this will lead to enhanced traveler duty of care, and better auditing of total corporate travel spend.
This webinar was recorded on November 17, 2020.