Travel Tips: Vacation Travel Myths vs. Truths

Travel Myths vs Facts

According to a recent survey by Allianz Travel Insurance, over half of America’s population has gone at least a year without a vacation. Here at Fox World Travel, we believe everyone deserves a vacation. There are plenty of travel myths out there, leading people to question taking that much-needed vacation. We’re here to bust those myths.

Travel Myth #1: You can’t afford it — Truth: There is a destination for every budget

With so many destinations, there is a getaway for you. With so many great cities to visit in your own state and around the country, there is always an affordable destination that aligns with your interests. There are even affordable flights to destinations in Europe, such as Iceland! One good tip is to cut back on hotels if you plan to sightsee all day. Why spend a heaping amount of cash on a fancy hotel room, when it just serves as a place to sleep at the end of the day?

Travel Myth #2: Traveling to certain places is intimidating — Truth: Research & proper tools can keep you safe 

Safety should always be a priority when traveling. Practice safety by using common sense and proper travel tools that tell you about your location. With smartphones outsmarting people, we can now receive updates on locations before we arrive. Thanks to globalization, we can also read tips from locals before we travel somewhere. A small amount of research really goes a long way in making a destination more enjoyable and safe.

Travel Myth #3: You don’t have time — Truth: Not every vacation needs to take a long time

There will always be something going on in life, but making time for yourself is vital. You deserve that trip to Italy you’ve always wanted to take. There will be no perfect time to leave for two weeks, but you will enjoy it, we promise. Vacations also don’t need to take up weeks of your time; sometimes a long weekend to a new location is enough to refresh yourself and experience a new and exciting way of life.

Travel Myth #4: You don’t have anywhere you want to go — Truth: There is a destination for everyone

You may not know it, but there is a place out there that you will love. Not every trip has to be to a big city either. Sometimes living like a local in a village or camping in the middle of nowhere can be the perfect vacation. There truly is a destination for everyone in the world.

Travel Myth #5: You can’t travel alone — Truth: Traveling alone can be extremely rewarding

Absolutely not true. There are so many different ways to travel with others that sometimes it can be really rewarding going solo on a trip. Whether it’s a cruise full of people that want to have a good time, or an escorted group trip to Ireland that is experiencing the same things you are for the first time, going by yourself can be an eye-opening and memorable decision.

There you have it. There are always reasons not to go on vacation but if you do go, you’re sure to find something you love. If you want to find that perfect vacation for your budget, schedule or travel needs, our travel consultants at Fox look forward to sitting down with you and planning out your next getaway.

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