Fox Receives Nomination for Innovation Award for Cognition Business Intelligence Platform

Fox World Travel received honors for its Cognition business intelligence platform this week with a nomination for the 2020 Insight Innovation Awards, which spotlight companies in Northeastern Wisconsin who are using creative and original ideas to make a difference in their industry.

2020 Magellan Award Innovating Implementations

Cognition, launched just over a year ago in August 2019, creates intuitive visualizations based on raw data harvested and analyzed from transactions, itineraries, traveler surveys, operational data and other sources. These visualizations, including predictive analytics, create actionable insights for Fox clients, with the ability to drill down to the individual transaction level to show why KPIs are trending a certain way.

Fox is continually growing and evolving Cognition to bring greater value to our clients, and recently began implementing a data expense integration for a customer looking to combine their own dataset with Cognition.

“The client wants to determine the total cost of a single trip — not just air, car and hotel — to determine the total value proposition of their travel,” said Fox Chief Information Officer Sam Hilgendorf. “They also want to identify the transactions that are booked outside of their travel program, where they are losing out on negotiated rates or services.”

Cognition will pull in all of the client’s expense data, not just that booked through the travel program, giving the client a complete picture of their travel spend, including meals, entertainment, and incidentals

The Cognition business intelligence platform can be scaled and used for myriad applications; Fox is also using it internally to monitor business impact and recovery trends related to COVID-19.

Hilgendorf, who attended a livestream of the Insight Innovation Awards event, said Fox is honored to have been nominated.

“This is the second year in a row Fox has been nominated for the Insight Innovation Awards, last year for our Fox Waivers 3i technology,” he said. “At Fox we place great emphasis on developing innovative tools and solutions that will improve our clients’ and travelers’ experience, and we are thrilled to be highlighted for the ingenuity displayed by our technology teams.”


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  • Very proud to be part of this amazing organization and especially part of the team bringing Cognition to life!

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