Fox World Travel Announces Travel Talks: En Route to Insider Information, Trends & Connections

Fox World Travel is excited to announce the launch of our Travel Talks series – an open forum held once a month. Anyone in the travel industry is welcome to join. The sentiment in the world for the past few months has been “apart, together” and that could not ring more true. The best thing we can all do during these uncertain times is to come together. Specifically, we can work to better our corner of the world by looking at the travel industry and how we can better support one another. Fox created Travel Talks because we strive to not only make travel easier and better for our clients, but for everyone.

“My job is to connect people, and at the end of the day that’s what Fox’s ultimate goal is to do for the industry,” said Fox marketing events specialist Karissa Gesell. “As an industry, we have seen the cancellation and postponement of several large scale events for 2020 and the future of these for 2021 is uncertain. So, at the core of our mission, we are creating a way to facilitate the same connections, education and togetherness that we have temporarily lost.”

Many suppliers are hosting educational webinars during this time, but what we haven’t seen yet is the ability to connect across the industry. Fox is facilitating just this platform with Travel Talks. In a world that has gone  virtual and has put limits on our ability to connect with each other across the industry through events and conferences, Fox is bringing back a channel that allows us to bounce ideas off each other, collaborate and compare pain points to work together and generate solutions. The sessions are open to all who play a part in the business travel industry, whether you’re a travel manager, TMC, or travel vendor, and will be led by Fox subject matter experts.

“The role of my team is not only to help guide and support organizations’ and travel managers’ program and policy objectives, but to be their advocate and the trusted advisor that allows them to feel confident in their programs and role,” said Tina Husemoller, Fox director of client solutions. “These “Travel Talks” will be a great tool for our clients and our team to help continue that mission.”

Reach out to your contact at Fox to be invited to Travel Talks.


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