Fox World Travel Invests in 64% Increase in Meetings and Incentive Planning Team

At Fox we are ramping up staffing efforts in response to the sharp increase in meetings, incentives, and other corporate group travel.  Group requests have increased 88% and because of this, we are dedicating time and energy to build a team that is more than prepared to help customers navigate new challenges such as location availability, event protocols and local health and safety requirements.


“The meetings and incentive or group travel space was an obvious target in the travel lock down of COVID-19”, says Stacy Button, Operations Manager for Fox World Travel’s Meetings and Incentives Group.  “Knowing that teams have not been able to meet for much needed business planning meetings or recognize valuable employees through incentive travel, this demand has come back with a vengeance and many organizations are not staffed to serve the need.” Once companies were given the green light to travel, they quickly scrambled to get their 4th quarter events back on the calendar. Everyone is working at lighting speed to try and plan meetings in less than half the time they did pre-COVID.


“Demand is higher than supply.  In many cases it’s hard to find space to accommodate first, or second tier locations and venues,” according to Button. “Airline schedules are ever changing causing more rework than I have ever seen in my 16+ years at Fox. Every day presents new challenges, but our team is experienced, networked, and resourceful, meaning we are able to quickly adapt and adjust for our clients.”


While many business travel organizations are working to recalibrate the remains from the pandemic’s impact, Fox World Travel is focused on growing their segments of experts in the most needed rebounding markets including vacation travel, business travel and the aforementioned, meetings and incentive group travel space.  Today, Fox welcomes:

Krista Dreves, Sales Director for Fox Meetings and Incentives Group

Emily Debruge, Program Manager for Fox Meetings and Incentives Group

Keri Furlano, Program Manager for Fox Meetings and Incentives Group

Nicole Zills, Program Coordinator for Fox Meetings and Incentives Group

Kayla Kaupe, Program Coordinator for Fox Meetings and Incentives Group


“The travel space has seen many instances of crisis throughout our 60 years in business”, states Beth Marino, Chief Experience Officer for Fox World Travel.  “Fox remains privately owned, financially strong and continues our culture of investing in our people so that we can best meet our clients where they are. Whether through people or tech, we stand strong in our commitment to our clients to have the best industry experts to consult them through even these most difficult and changing times of travel.”


If you are looking to start planning a meeting or incentive, reach out to our team of experts at Fox here.


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