Fox World Travel is Always Committed to Exceptional Customer Service

As COVID-19 spread and travel was shut down, many people were in the middle of enjoying a well-deserved vacation or even studying abroad. Due to the pandemic, U.S. citizens were advised to come home as soon as possible as international borders were closing. This left many of these travelers stranded overseas or in other foreign countries. It has always been the mission of Fox World Travel to make travel safe and stress-free for everyone, meaning we help get you where you want to go and also help get you home.


Read a few of the ways we’ve been able to help our Fox customers feel supported throughout their entire trip as they made the journey home safe and sound.

“We just wanted to thank you for all you have done to keep us informed concerning our trip. Although this one did not work out, we will definitely be calling you to set up another trip when this whole thing settles down. You will probably know before us when we can plan another trip, so please let us know. Again, we are so grateful that we booked through you, because we know that you have our best interest at heart. Hopefully, we will all get through this thing and get back to some kind of normal lives. Hope to hear from you, so we can plan our next adventure. Talk to you soon. Thank you very much.”

“I called this week to adjust my travel and the representative was very apologetic about me being on hold, when I totally understood the rush of changes that she was having to deal with due to U.S. travel policy changes. She made my changes very quickly and even made sure to incorporate my preferences, even though I was happy just to be able to make any change. I especially appreciated the great customer service at a time where I knew things were very hectic.”

“The group booking team (for UW) has been wonderful to work with during this global situation. Very responsive, very helpful, very timely with communication. I appreciate their efforts as we worked to bring our students home from study abroad programs.”


Here are a few more examples of how Fox travel advisors have gone above and beyond for customers during COVID-19.

“I had a couple who was in Cabo when the made the announcement that all U.S. citizens needed to return home. I kept watching the reports and contacted them at least twice a day to keep them up to date on the events and to let them know I was in contact with the airlines to make sure the flight was still operating.”

-Marisa Pifher, Fox vacation travel advisor

“Some of my clients in Mexico at the time were worried about getting back home when the borders were closing. I spoke with them numerous times, on the weekends, on my days off, to reassure them I was keeping on top of it. They were able to enjoy their last few days on vacation knowing I was watching out for them and let them know if any changes were happening. Clients had so many questions and concerns, I felt I needed to return each and every call or email. They were depending on me to keep them informed and answer their questions. For many of these clients, these were trips that had been planned a year or more ago. Multi-generational family trips, honeymoons, first-time Disney vacations and many relaxing beach vacations.”

-Bree Moede, Fox vacation travel advisor

When it comes time to travel, put your trust in someone to put your mind at ease. No matter what comes our way, our team always remains committed to helping you travel in any way you need. As travel begins again, you have a trusted partner by your side when you book with a Fox World Travel advisor.


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