Fox World Travel launches traveler invoice technology

Knowing the invoice is a powerful tool that follows travelers throughout their journey, Fox World Travel invested time and technology to enhance its features and functionality for travelers.

Fox World Travel recently launched a new Traveler Invoice powered by Fox 3i Technology. The enhanced invoice goes beyond the standard invoice features of reservation details and expense summaries to offer innovative, intuitive and intelligent travel tools.

“Fox is committed to connecting our travel managers with their travelers,” said Beth Marino, Chief Information Officer, Fox World Travel. “Our invoice demonstrates our dedication to enhancing the traveler experience. Our clients are especially excited about our intelligent messaging features, and utilizing the invoice as a unique way to better communicate policy and duty of care with travelers directly.”

The intelligent messaging allows corporate policies and loyalty program reminders to be pushed to travelers with co-branding opportunities. The new invoice also offers travelers access to the duty of care support and click-to-call functionality. As a whole, the enhancements will give travelers one-stop access to tools and information before, during and after their trip.

“Everything we do is driven by our 3i philosophy and our new Travel Invoice technology is no exception,” said Jeremy Dyken, E-business Manager, Fox World Travel. “We are excited to soon be launching our enhanced traveler portal in June and our new traveler app in July, also driven by our 3i philosophy.”

Fox World Travel is working with Travel Managers to utilize new custom features of the industry-leading traveler benefits to enhance the traveler experience and reduce traveler friction.

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