Fox World Travel Lifts Spirits with Little Foxplorers Adventure Camp

Fox World Travel Lifts Spirits with Little Foxplorers Adventure Camp

Whether it is our jobs, relationships or simply our day-to-day lives, the coronavirus outbreak has impacted everyone. While so many things have been changing so rapidly, Fox World Travel is still here, continuing to help and serve all our customers like we have always done for the past 60 years. Since we can’t travel right now, Fox is finding new ways to meet the needs of our clients, communities, friends and families.

Everyone is dealing with big life changes, leaving many to have to adjust their schedules. Parents are now on parenting duty 24/7 since schools have closed and the children are all at home. To help keep quarantine life fun, entertaining and educational for kids and help the parents get a little break, the team at Fox World Travel created the Little Foxplorers Adventure Camp.

The Little Foxplorers Adventure Camp is an exciting new project from Fox that includes a series of videos highlighting wonderous locations around the world such as Alaska, Peru, India, Brazil and so many more! These videos offer children the chance to learn about various cultures, history, fun facts, along with doing crafts and activities that relate to each location to keep kids engaged with big smiles on their faces.

Each video is narrated by the Regional Director of Vacation Travel at Fox, Brianne Bloom, and is also given the title of Little Foxplorers Adventure Camp counselor.

“The idea for Little Foxplorers blew me away,” Bloom said. “I think because it really shows how Fox truly cares about people. During this time frame, one of the main focuses on our mind was how we can help out families at home, how we can create activities for kids (to help parents) and how we can help support the new learning from home structure and delighting kids.”

In times like these, so many have been feeling down as the coronavirus has flipped the world on its side. As people had to cancel travel plans and get-togethers with friends and family, Fox wanted to help keep the burning desire to get out and explore alive by providing alternative ways to experience the world around us.

“Right now, there are so many negative things in the media, I love knowing Fox is contributing positive and uplifting information,” Bloom said. “My favorite piece about the project is being able to teach others and add value to their day in a silly and animated way, and I get to be a part of this AMAZING project that helps out everyone at home. Before starting at Fox, I was drawn in by the values they listed, and today I am proud to be a part of the Fox Family because I see those values practiced every day.”

We’re all in this together, and our customers still remain in our hearts as we get through this strange time. Fox is always ready to assist clients with their travel plans, but bigger than that is every day they are going above and beyond to brighten the day in whatever way they can.

Once the world is open to travel again, Fox will still be here as your trusted travel partner so you can get back out into the world and explore until your heart’s content.

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  • What a great way to engage kids, families, teachers and everyone in exploring adventures from home! Love watching the videos, super job Fox and Brianne!

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