Fox World Travel Offers Innovative Platform to Monitor and Interact with Travelers

Fox World Travel is always here to support travelers before, during and even after their flights. We also offer our tools and technology with organizations so they can keep up to date with their employees during their travels. That’s why Fox is excited to offer its new duty-of-care tool with the new Magnatech Travel Management Solutions’ SafeToGo Risk Messaging platform.

For organizations managing their employees’ travel, it is extremely important to be able to quickly and easily keep track of people, their flights and any alerts or situations that may impact travel plans to drive risk mitigation. The new SafeToGo platform is an essential tool for businesses that value communication with their employees and staying on top of situations.

The SafeToGo dashboard is a web-enabled platform that allows travel managers to view a visual summary of their employees traveling on a world map. From here, you can easily create custom filters to sort travelers by the date they’re traveling, airports, specific people, airlines and destinations. Once applying filters, the map will automatically re-populate to match your specifications so you can see where people are and where they are going.

Can You Connect with Travelers Through SafeToGo?

When looking at the interactive map, SafeToGo allows you to click on individual travelers. From here, you can view their entire itinerary, contact them via text message and much more.

Connecting with travelers couldn’t be easier than with the SafeToGo platform. Along with being able to message travelers individually, you can also send messages to groups if more than one travel needs to hear an urgent message, as well as view your entire conversation history directly on the page. If a traveler doesn’t have their cell phone number tied to their profile, don’t worry, as you can manually enter in phone numbers to be able to connect with employees through the SafeToGo platform.

What if Something is Impacting A Flight?

One of the unfortunate reasons you may have to contact an employee traveling is due to various situations such as security reasons, extreme weather, health alerts and more. When scrolling through the interactive map, it will also populate with various alerts located in specific areas of the map, letting you know which travelers and locations are experiencing delays, cancelations or any other situation.

Just like Fox World Travel is your trusted travel consultant, the SafeToGo Risk Messaging platform is the perfect interactive tool to support your duty of care strategies.

To learn more about adding SafeToGo to your portfolio of travel tools, contact your Client Solutions Manager or Fox representative for a demo.

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