Fox World Travel Recognized by Travel Weekly for Innovation

Travel Agency is a 2018 Gold Award Recipient of Travel Weekly Magellan Award


Fox World Travel (Fox) is honored to announce that it is a recipient of the 2018 Travel Weekly Magellan Award for Innovation. This Gold Award specifically recognizes Fox’s focus on the traveler experience through the development of its innovative Fox Waivers 3i technology.

“Magellan Award winners are those whose exploration of travel’s possibilities ring true and stand out,” states Arnie Weissmann, Sr. Vice President and Editor in Chief of Travel Weekly. “They not only trigger the impulse to escape the ordinary and travel to new worlds, but to assure that promises and delivery are aligned.”

“Our deep understanding of customer need drove us to focus on a leading traveler pain point—travel disruption,” says Beth Marino, Fox’s Chief Experience Officer. “We’re honored that Travel Weekly has recognized this innovation on behalf of our travelers.”

The root of this innovation began with the desire to minimize travel disruption. For travelers, there’s nothing worse than not arriving to your destination as scheduled.  Fox focused on improving the traveler experience at their time of greatest need—during major flight disruptions.  Fox Waivers 3i is an innovative technology that transforms basic waiver data into valuable, actionable information benefiting the traveler. “Presented in the right way, at the right time, we were confident airline waiver data would be a game-changer for our customers,” shares Marino. “Fox Waivers 3i leverages data to empower travelers to take action sooner and make informed decisions during travel disruptions.”

Fox Waivers 3i leverages airline waiver data from FlightGlobal and connects the data directly to the traveler’s reservation. Travelers are instantly informed of the waivers, and updates are made to the reservation in real time. During disruptions, being the first to know waiver availability could be the difference between getting home tonight instead of tomorrow.  Fox Waivers 3i communicates to travelers via email, or MyFoxWorld travel app push notifications.  It gives travelers the information to reserve, change, or cancel flights at no additional cost to their company.   It also provides intelligent alternative flight options to avoid disruptions in connection cities.  Empowering Fox’s clients with the information they need when they need it allows for immediate action, decreases traveler anxiety, and saves them time and money.

Ready to assist when needed, Fox agents have access to the same waiver notifications as the travelers, giving them all the information they need to successfully serve every traveler—without wasting time searching through airline websites or emails to find the details. This innovative solution to an age-old travel problem benefits Fox World Travel Operations just as much as the individual traveler. “We discovered that in focusing on improving the traveler experience, we also enhanced our agent service and improved our operational efficiency,” reports Marino. Knowing how many travelers are impacted, Fox’s operations leaders have the intelligence they need to handle spikes in volume and efficiently shift staffing to support the events.

The passion to guide travelers to their desired destinations has led Fox World Travel to become one of the top travel companies in the country. This success is represented in being named to Inc. 5000 five years running and being ranked #27 on the 2018 Travel Weekly Power List (a ranking of all major business and vacation travel agencies). Based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Fox World Travel employs 280 associates nationwide.


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