Fox World Travel’s Top 4 Key Features to Enable on Your SAP Concur Site

Looking to get the most out of your SAP Concur site? Fox’s Online Technology Manager, Ben Claxton and Client Solutions Manager, JoHannah Greene have the industry knowledge and tips to enhance your site. Below are the Top 4 Key Features to Enable on Your SAP Concur Site:

  1. Custom Messaging
    • Need to send your travelers information at a specific time or for a specific reason? Custom messaging allows you to do that. Big event going on in town? Let you travelers know to book at a different time period to save you money and headaches without having to remind everyone. You can customize this message to match say whatever you need to say when booking specific cities or vendors.
  2. Express Checkout
    • No more screen after screen when booking travels. Fox and Concur want to make the process easier for everyone. Eligible bookings will only have travelers go through two screens instead of the five that are a part of the normal booking process. This gives time back to the traveler to accomplish other tasks.
  3. Seat Selections
    • Travelers have their preferences and we want to make sure their travels are to their liking. By enabling seat selections, travelers can be notified if a better seat becomes available every day. Once a seat to your liking opens up, book that seat and turn the option off if you choose to do so. This means no checking and more traveling in comfort.
  4. Virtual Payment
    • Integrate with popular virtual payments systems like Conferma with Concur’s vPay. Using virtual payments reduce fraud, have more control from a company perspective and enhance the amount of data captured from traveling employees.

Fox Concur experts will be attending SAP Concur Fusion this March. To learn why you should attend, click here. To learn how Fox World Travel can transform your Concur user experience, contact us 888.369.8785.


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