Get the Most Out of Quarantine with These At Home Vacations

Here at Fox World Travel, we are all about giving you new experiences and helping you discover the world. So, what happens when we can’t actually travel? We know you haven’t lost your wanderlust, and we can never lose our drive to help you satisfy that need. Did you have to miss out on your anniversary trip to Rome? Or did your family vacation with the kids get pushed to next year? Well fear not! We are always here to inspire, prepare and send you on your next journey and in this case, we want to help you experience the world from the comfort of your very own home!

What type of getaway are you looking for?


Girls Tropical Getaway

Missing all your ladies? Arrange a Zoom call with your besties and get ready to spend the day at the “swim up” bar.

Setting the mood: Spotify Girls Tropical Getaway playlist.

Dress code: Throw on your beach dresses and of course your fabulous sunhats and oversized sunglasses.

Activity: Use Zoom’s whiteboard feature to play Pictionary. After lots of laughs, host a Netflix watch party of Baywatch. This way you get your fill of the beach eye candy.

Recipe: Everyone make their own margaritas so you can cheers together! Here is a recipe for a whole batch, you don’t have anywhere to go. Don’t forget the chips and guac!

Get the Most out of Quarantine with These At Home Vacations


Family Beach Vacation

Ready to pack up and take those kiddos on a trip to the beach?

Setting the mood: Spotify Family Beach Vacation playlist.

Dress code: Put on your beach themed apparel, Hawaiian printed shirts, fun swim trunks and don’t forget your sunglasses and floppy beach hats!

What to do: Pack up, head outside and get some sun! Spend some time soaking up that vitamin D, pack a picnic and play some beach games. Bonus points if you have a sandbox and you can build a fantastic sandcastle. At the end of the day, watch the sunset snuggled up on the couch via your favorite beach webcam.

Recipe: No beach picnic is complete without some thirst-quenching beverages that hit the spot. Here are some fabulous summer cocktails from Food & Wine, and don’t forget the non-alcoholic versions for the kiddos!


Romantic European Escape

Want to add a little bit of romance in your life? Take off the sweatpants and get dressed up. Take a tour of Europe while never stepping foot outside of your door.

Setting the mood: Spotify Romantic European Escape playlist. (P.S. Don’t forget to light some candles.)

Dress code: Dress to the nines – pull out that cocktail dress from the back of your closet and dust off your favorite tie!

Activity: Take a free course on wine tasting so you feel like a sommelier at a Tuscan vineyard. Or watch a YouTube video and learn how to waltz and imagine you are in a beautiful ballroom in Austria. End the night by admiring the lights of the Eiffel tower on with this live webcam.

Recipe: Feeling Italian? Make a meal together, like homemade pizza with a nice glass of red wine.


Feel The Adventure

Feed that adventurous side of you that is hungering for the outdoors after weeks of being inside.

Setting the mood: Spotify Feel The Adventure playlist.

Dress code: Dress for your destination!

Activity: Pick your adventure. Take the kids on a safari, make some fun toilet paper roll binoculars and go for a drive to spot some exotic animals! Rename common animals funny names – squirrels can be the invasive bushy tailed tree runners. Want to have a solo adventure?  You can choose your destination by checking out Google Virtual Treks. Spend the night under the stars by setting up a tent in your living room! Grab your sleeping bag, make s’mores and play nature sounds to add to the outdoor experience.

Recipe: No one can embark on a new journey without having some standard sustenance. Make your own trail mix for your adventure.


Wellness Retreat

We think we all could use a little more “me time” during these trying times. Treat yourself to your very own personal wellness retreat.

Setting the mood: Spotify Wellness Retreat playlist & essential oil diffuser.

Dress code: Get your yoga pants on (a fresh pair that you haven’t been wearing to work at home for the past two days!).

Activity: Take your yoga to Sicily! Try this 10 minute morning yoga exercise and dream of being on an island in the Mediterranean. While you sip your wellness mocktail, relax your mind and spend time journaling and thinking about the things you are thankful for. What about an at home spa treatment? Try this exfoliating facemask.

Recipe: Take care of your body and try a wellness mocktail to boost your immune system and a refreshing acai bowl.

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