GTP Certification: A Symbol of Knowledge and Expertise

Fox World Travel’s Gina Maylath earned her GTP Certification to further her education in the travel industry in an effort to continue the top-notch support she provides her clients.

The GTP Certification is designed to raise industry standards, enhance work performance and recognize individuals who demonstrate core competencies essential to the business travel management discipline.

Maylath referred to the GTP as a symbol of knowledge and expertise in the travel industry.

“It stands for professionalism, determination and overall willingness to be the best you can be,” Maylath said. “It has been a goal of mine to complete my GTP certification for quite some time. I am always striving to expand my knowledge base in this fast-paced, ever-evolving industry.”

The GTP Certification Program brings the following key benefits to recipients:

  • Facilitates professional growth and development.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to leadership and knowledge of the industry at large.
  • Recognition and career advancement.

“I have been in the industry for many years and have focused on supporting my clients, vendors and the company I work for with a first-class approach,” Maylath said. “I was motivated to take the GTP as it not only confirms my knowledge and capabilities, it also provides me with excellent avenues to continuously educate myself within this industry, thus keeping my skills and knowledge relevant in supporting the clients that I work with.”

The GTP Certification benefits the business travel industry as a whole by:

  • Curating a body of knowledge for business travel professionals.
  • Measuring and maintaining industry knowledge in a valid and reliable way.
  • Granting recognition to industry professionals who successfully pass the exam.
  • Elevating the status and credibility of professionals in the business travel industry.

Maylath said getting ready for the GTP was hard work and tests the skillsets of those in the travel industry in the well-rounded program.

“In studying for the GTP, it was surprising to see the vast amount of information that is included in the exam,” Maylath said. “Overall, I had a great experience with testing my skillset. It was evident how well rounded this program is and any individual undertaking the certification process and succeeding shows dedication and commitment to their profession.”

Maylath said it is important to stay educated and up to date in this profession as it continues to evolve.

“In this industry, you must continue to learn and expand your knowledge,” Maylath said. “Our industry continues to evolve, and our clients depend on us to deliver relevant expertise and best practices to support their travel programs. We must ensure that we are living up to their expectations in order to deliver the best possible solutions.”

Fox is proud of Gina’s accomplishment in earning her GTP Certification. We pride our internal culture of employees who continue to expand their knowledge in an evolving industry.

GTP Certification

Gina Maylath, Client Solutions Manager

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