Happy winter and happy Valentine’s Day

Are you searching for just the right way to show your love this Valentine’s Day?

Personally, I think food can show how much you care for someone. The thought and care put into preparing just the right dish is an act of love.  And for Valentine’s Day, what is better than a sweet, decadent dessert?

Here’s a favorite! Though they’re a little tricky, this is the perfect time of year to give them a try.  Did you know that Macarons started out as a way to use the abundance of egg whites created when pastry chefs crack eggs for pastry-rich egg yolks?  Meringue loves cold dry air and will work really well on a snowy day. Snuggle in and give them a try. You can fill them with jam, flavored buttercream or even Nutella!

I love how food can take you back to a time and a place. Every time I make Macarons, I think of visiting and studying in Paris. We’d walk past the patisseries and see the gorgeous pastries in the window like gems in a jewelry box. If you purchase even just one treat, it’s placed in a pretty box, and most likely, tied with a ribbon or string. Made with the best ingredients, French pastries are one love.

When our group trips go to Paris, I make sure we stop along our adventure to taste all different types of pastries and breads. Our walking tour includes pastries and bread from some of the most famous boulangeries and patisseries in Paris.

I love cooking and traveling—two things I have been able to pair together in upcoming 2018 Little French Bakery Adventures with Fox World Travel:


Stay warm and enjoy!


Susan Holding founded The Little French Bakery in 1999 in rural North Freedom, Wisconsin.  The studio is home to hands-on style cooking classes and Susan’s commercial kitchen, where she prepares special-order items.  She enjoys cooking, baking, and exploring the world of food, travel and life in general.

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