Hotel Attachment and Your Business Travel Data

Written by: Eric Ratkowski, Data Analyst

What is hotel attachment, and why should a company care about it? Well, it’s your lucky day, you’ve come to the right place.

Hotel Attachment is defined as any booked reservation that contains a hotel reservation. A rough calculation can be shown like this – if a company has 50 air trips, and only 25 of them contain a hotel stay, the hotel attachment would be 50%. A high attachment rate translates to increased revenue streams, providing a clear indication of strong demand for hotel services. Now that we’ve nailed down what it is, why is hotel attachment important?

There are benefits to increasing the hotel attachment rate from a company & traveler perspective. By increasing hotel volume through a TMC (travel management company), the company can get better deals and negotiate contracts to save the company money. By having more people book the same way, and not have it through another outlet (like a vendor website), the company can be proactive if any risk events happen throughout the world. A corporate policy can be configured to provide a reason as to why a hotel was not booked, thus giving the travel manager a reason why and to see where this leakage is coming from.

The traveler outlook could also be enhanced. By only having one outlet, it makes it much easier to contact someone if a flight gets canceled or something else goes wrong. Booking everything under the same umbrella makes it much easier for the TMC to help the traveler out in these high-stress times and enhance the traveler experience.

The concept of hotel attachment serves as a pivotal link connecting the interests of both businesses and travelers in the ever-evolving travel landscape. With a finger on the pulse of this metric, businesses can thrive by meeting customer demands effectively, while travelers can embark on seamless and enriching travel experiences tailored to their specific preferences and budgetary constraints.

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