Hotel Management Programs: Benefits for Travelers and Organizations

Written by: Jeff Saydah, Global Client Solutions Director

Hotel Management Programs offer numerous benefits for both travelers and organizations. By implementing a hotel program, organizations can save on average $61 per stay, providing cost savings for their travel program. The program includes:

  • Discounts of up to 25% off the best available rate at over 64,000 properties worldwide, ensuring travelers have access to competitive rates and a wide selection of hotels.
  • Last-room availability guarantee, ensuring that travelers can always find a room at the negotiated rate, even during peak travel periods.
  • Maximum spending limit when room rates increase due to market demand, preventing organizations from overspending.

In addition to cost savings, the hotel program offers various amenities such as:

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Breakfast
  • Parking

These amenities enhance the overall travel experience for travelers, providing additional measurable savings. The program also supports hotel loyalty discount programs, allowing travelers to take advantage of their loyalty benefits while still accessing the best rates available.

Implementation and Management by Fox

The hotel program is implemented and managed by Fox, a trusted travel management company with extensive experience in implementing similar programs for organizations of various sizes. Fox takes responsibility for:

  • Loading negotiated rates into the reservation system
  • Regularly auditing rates for accuracy

This ensures that organizations can secure their specific negotiated rates and have confidence in the rates displayed during the booking process.

Specialized Services for International Travel

For international travel, Fox provides specialized services through its international agents and International Rate Desk (IRD). The IRD focuses on complex international bookings, offering expertise in fare construction and alternative routing to save organizations an average of 19% on international fares. This specialized support ensures that organizations can optimize their international travel arrangements and achieve significant cost savings.

Customer Satisfaction Measurement

To measure customer satisfaction, Fox utilizes Net Promoter Score® (NPS) to collect feedback from travelers. This feedback is used to drive process improvements and technology innovations, ensuring continuous enhancement of the traveler experience. The results are shared with organizations and discussed during quarterly business reviews, allowing organizations to take action based on traveler feedback.

Partnering with Fox for Optimal Benefits

Overall, Hotel Management Programs provide organizations with cost savings, access to a wide range of hotels, and enhanced traveler experiences. By partnering with a reputable travel management company like Fox, organizations can optimize their hotel program and achieve significant benefits for their travel program.

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