How big is YOUR margin for error? A team and a process for mayhem.

As an organization founded on relationships that build trust and provide peace of mind, Fox has the first-hand knowledge and experience, of not just the function and best practices of travel (that’s a given), but of the anxieties and fears travelers often have.
The experts who lead Fox Meetings and Incentives know the “potential” for not only what “could” go wrong, but they consult and guide our travelers out of the dark and to a place where they recover their calm and feel safely at ease.

At Fox, it’s about people first and how they personally experience travel.
How prepared is your event for “mayhem”?  


The Fear, Take ONE:

“I know airlines, like so many other businesses in today’s economy can be understaffed, but what does that mean for me if I miss a connection or am delayed?” 


Solution: Passionate People + Flight Monitoring:

“We had MANY flight delays, cancelations, and flight changes due to weather issues, and missed connections due to problems with a few airlines. It was the perfect storm. Casey and Susan from Fox World Travel’s Meetings and Incentives team handled every detail as if it was just another day on the job. I KNOW it must have been extremely stressful for them, but they were able to move mountains (and hotels, and planes) to get everyone from our group to the island to enjoy their much-deserved incentive trip. I know they worked tirelessly through the night, rearranged travel between airlines, arranged hotels, worked with other resorts on near-by islands to ensure our people would have a safe and comfortable place to sleep if there was not a way to get them to the island the same planned day. I honestly do not know what we would have done without them. They were amazing and kept their cool, being kind, courteous and helpful in the most stressful of times, even when some of our people were losing their patience because they were frustrated. Casey, Susan, and the entire Fox World Travel staff worked so much magic for the trip, I will ALWAYS use the flight monitoring option.”

Sales Incentive Trip Reward.


The Fear, Take TWO:

“My team of travelers contain multiple countries of origin, unfathomable connections as well as language barriers. How can I ensure success with this much complexity?” 


Solution: The Deepest Levels of Experience + Adept Commitment to People:

“When I got the call about our Indonesian travelers who were refused boarding it was heart wrenching to hear the fear in their voice. They were halfway around the world with nearly no travel experience, didn’t speak any Spanish, had limited English speaking skills, had limited cell service or money to help them through their situation. They leaned on Fox to get them home and it was Sande who made that happen for them! She spent hours on the phone with airlines to understand and fix the situation. She was persistent and delivered exceptional customer service. In addition, Sande was instrumental in seeing through several refund situations to ensure the customer received back money which may have been forfeited had it not been for her persistent and very well written emails to the airlines.”

Global Organization Centralized Meeting.  


The Fear, Take THREE: 

“Ever-changing regulations in travel have our teams concerned over requirements, paperwork and potential changes to these protocols DURING travel.” 


Solution: X + X:  

“We had a family stranded in Japan due to not having the required U.S. documents to fly their itinerary. Fox researched routings and best-cost options to allow the travelers to make the best decision possible that would allow him to arrive on time to speak as intended as a main stage host at the conference.  Like a game “telephone”, Fox used literally five phone lines all on speaker to reach and communicate with the affected passengers. Lack of phone service and a language barrier didn’t stop Fox from delivering exceptional service. The smile on the family’s faces after traveling for over 48 hours was priceless as they were welcomed at the hotel. They kept saying how incredibly thankful they were to have Fox because without them, they wouldn’t be there otherwise.”

Large Group International Conference.


No one wants to travel in fear, and program organizers simply can’t stake their reputation on chance. If you have a meeting or event coming up and you need that extra assurance that you CAN do this without fear of failure, then call. We are committed to being your expert resource because if there is one thing we CAN commit to, it’s simply this: Your Results: DELIVERED.



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